4805455@gmailANTISPAM.com wrote: > Hello. If I type "ps ax" (Suse 10.2) I see the following process,
> among others:
> 2 ? S 0:00 [migration/0]
> What is the [migration/0] process all about?

It's a kernel thread responsible for moving threads between CPU's. It's part of the kernel scheduler.

> It has a thread type of
> SCHED_FIFO and a priority of 99 (the highest, typing "ps -eLo
> pid,tid,class,rtprio,fname" will reveal this). I am wondering if it
> is interfering with my own SCHED_FIFO threads, because I am not
> getting good timing (sometimes 0.5 second delays)

Al kernel threads have this. It's unlikely that it will interfere with your userspace threads.

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