Example Transclusion

This is an example of three different ways to embed content from other sites into a TWiki page.

Transclusion is pretty powerful. Note the text content in the pastebin paste at the end of this page. It's not actually on reiber.org at all. TWiki allows users to transclude content not only from other parts of a wiki, but also from other websites, when it's configured to allow that.

This page is an example of remote script calling, the iframe approach, and finally transclusion in action.

For an example to embed, I made a test pastebin called "trees". It's not here on my site - it's on http://pastebin.com/M1BdJ4K1

Here's what the paste says, nicely embedded, using a script call:

Here's the iframe version:

Iframing has some window framing - that's not always wanted. The third approach is called a transclusion - using TWiki's INCLUDE function:

The fruits on the tree in my front yard are holding on - not blooming but not dropping either. They're just there, hanging... unspent potential. They're making it through the winter just like they must have been doing for decades. you and I "make it through the winter" similarly - every year. trees dont have to pay the rent though. that sucks.

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