Welcome, TWikiGuest!

Welcome to ReiberLabs! This is a TWikiSite (pronounced twee-kee site).

"Wiki" systems are fundamentally editable web pages. TWiki is simple to learn and use. It provides a simple browser-based way for me to share ideas and other websites with others over the web.

What's in a TWiki?

This site has the following webs: Code, Code.TwelveFactors, Linux, Main, Projects, Projects.Openstack, Projects.Research, Projects.Smalltalk, Projects.Smalltalk.Squeak, Robots, Robots.Companies, Robots.Events, Robots.Groups, Robots.Groups.First, Robots.Publications, Robots.Techniques, Sandbox, Sandbox.Testing, TWiki

Each web has its own "home page" of sorts and a collection of other pages.

Editor functions. TL;DR unless you're a twiki contributor.

Editing a topic

  • Click Edit at the top or bottom of any topic and make your changes.
    Note: Don't worry if you make a mistake. Everything is version controlled, you can easily go back in time.
  • Click Save - you've now updated the topic!

Creating a new topic

  • See a red-colored WikiWord? That means that there's no topic yet for that NewWikiWord41054. Simply click on the red-link to create a topic with that name. Add your content and save. Done!
  • To create your own topic, invent a BrandNewWikiWord name and put it into an existing topic. Click on the red-link of BrandNewWikiWord to create the topic.

Viewing the history of a topic

  • Click History at the bottom of a topic.

Attaching files and images

  • Click Attach to upload and attach any type of file.
  • When attaching an image file (.gif, .png, .jpg), check the "link" checkbox to embed the image into the topic. Edit the topic to move/resize the image.

Embedding objects

  • Raw edit a topic and paste YouTube videos, Twitter feeds and other objects.

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